Brexit - opportunities and services

As Brexit unfolds, Moore Stephens LLP has considered the opportunities and services that we can offer our clients. By building a Brexit microsite we hope to highlight solutions to the specific challenges that you may be facing. Visit via the UK website: or direct to the Brexit microsite:

How does it work?

The objective of the site is to provide understanding of the challenges faced by businesses, how they have come about and what the likely issues are. The site can also be used to identify key Moore Stephens contacts should you wish to know more about the skills and experience we offer in support and preparation for Brexit over the next two years or more. 

What next?

We will continue to refresh content as relevant and newsworthy items catch our attention, and the site will grow with more FAQs and features. We also plan to provide hot topic events with guest speakers. So, do keep returning to to see the thoughts and comments from our experts.