Brexit – the implications for manufacturing & engineering

The recent UK referendum decision will have important implications on the UK manufacturing sector. In the short term it will it will be very beneficial to primary UK exporters due to the recently devalued pound, where foreign customers will be basically receiving a 10% discount on their goods, this will be good news for the 105 billion pounds exported to the EU in 2014.

Brexit and its impact for charities

The Brexit decision has been hotly debated, with everyone evaluating how this will affect them. The charity and not-for-profit sector are amongst those who have spoken out over the past few days. In particular, they all want to ensure that their levels of funding can be protected to ensure their beneficiaries are supported, and that children and other vulnerable people continue to feel safe and secure.

Brexit – one week on

Last Thursday the British people made (in the Prime Minister’s words) a ‘very clear decision’ to leave the European Union. Last Friday they asked themselves (and each other) ‘What happens now?’ And it turned out that nobody knew. So where are we one week on?
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